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Cryptocurrency is a quickly growing digital asset that is known to revolutionize the way capital is transferred online. That is why Bitcoin and other cryptos have become the best performing assets class in 2020. The crypto market is pretty volatile, and thus you can view your profits wiped out quickly. So, traders device smarted methods to make the most out of crypto volatility. The trading bots now outperform manual trading. The auto trading bots offer the ability to compete with big players in the market. One such robot is Bitcoin Lifestyle. So, let’s review the Bitcoin Lifestyle in detail.

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Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews - Become Bitcoin Billionaire

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an extremely popular trading robot that blends a bot’s superpowers with industry-leading analytics to recognize and perform profitable trades. It executes trades so accurately, it can make a profit with a success rate of above 99.4%. Traders can make money easily by cryptocurrency trading using this bot. This bot is also known to offer insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer data on the crypto market. According to many user testimonials and reviews, Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit and simple to use. All the users are fully satisfied with this bot’s accuracy, cybersecurity, and customer services. It is fully automated and uses smart algorithms to recognize lucrative trades with fast speed.

Overview of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Ease of use87%





Quick withdrawals87%

Customer service99%

Bitcoin Lifestyle Pros and cons


Simple enough for novices and functional enough for experienced traders.

Free to use with users pocketing 100 percent profits

Facilitates trades through regulated and respected brokers

Execute all trades almost 0.1 seconds faster than the average

Market-leading precision in recognizing profitable trades


No flexibility to select your broker

Not risk-free as every financial instrument comes with risk

Lacks the superior functionality of every major exchange

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legit?

Yes, Bitcoin Lifestyle is legit, and most people have profited from using this bot. The testimonials and success stories from the users of Bitcoin Lifestyle recommend that this platform is reliable. Moreover, the reviews show that people who are new to the cryptocurrency world have also been capable of using this platform easily and efficiently. This bot is simple to use and takes the security of users’ data very seriously. As it is fully automatic, it is pretty simple to use after you’ve found which trading rules you wish the robot to follow.

Comparison between Bitcoin Lifestyle with other Brokers

Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle’s trading system is easy and fast to use both for seasoned traders and novices

A minimum amount of $250 is required to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle

Users of the Bitcoin Lifestyle can trade various cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Every linked broker with Bitcoin Lifestyle is a top brokerage service

Withdrawals are pretty fast and processed within 24 hours

Other Robots

Most robots are available for experienced traders only

Higher deposit is required by most other robots

Most bots do not let you trade cryptos other than Bitcoin

Most robots work with standard brokers

Other trading robots take more than a couple of days at times to process withdrawal requests

Key Features of Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews - Advantages

Why should you use Bitcoin Lifestyle Software?

Best Win Rate

The bot is well-known for its trading algorithm’s accuracy with a claimed win rate of 99.4%.

Intuitive User Interface

You do not have to be an experienced trader or a computer programmer to this bot's advantage. The software is designed expressly to have simple functionality so that even new traders can use it.

Smart Analytics

Bitcoin Lifestyle has a smart algorithm that can interpret a large amount of data faster than humans. Having quick access to the market data through trading signals offers users more benefits over human traders.

No Human Error

Since the bot is fully automated and has a simple to use interface, trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle is stress-free. Moreover, there are no chances of errors like those that come with manual trading.

Few Tips for the New Users

Start Small: You generally get into problems while trading when you become greedy. Starting small is the best option to trade safely and profit from an auto trading bot. Weigh your trades properly and handle risks efficiently, especially if you are a beginner. 

Follow Experts Advice: It is good to do your research before you invest your money. Follow expert’s advice by following them on social media channels like Twitter or YouTube. 

Save Profits: The crypto market’s volatility can get your large profits but don’t forget, you may lose big as well. Withdraw your profits from time to time instead of reinvesting all of them. 

Invest Only What You Can Lose: Crypto traders should understand the risk involved with crypt trading and take the right risk management measures. It is best to invest only what you can lose. 

Keep Records For Tax Purpose: Trades fail to keep a detailed record of their trading. However, it should be kept to ensure that they are compliant at the time of tax. It is also helpful while evaluating your trading strategy’s success and making any changes. 

How to Open a Bitcoin Lifestyle Account?

Registration: It will take you a few steps only to register and open an account on Bitcoin Lifestyle. The website of Bitcoin Lifestyle has SSL encryption that ensures your personal information security. 

Deposit: Once you log in to the account, the bot will take you to its regulated and affiliated brokers. On account of the broker, you will have to deposit the minimum amount of 250USD. You can use its demo account to become familiar with this platform. 

Trade: After funding your account, you can instantly start live trading. Being a trader, you need to specify some parameters like daily profits, stop-loss, and more. Expert traders can also specify parameters to close or open a trade. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews - How to Open an Account

How to use the Bitcoin Lifestyle platform?

As mentioned already, you don’t have to be an expert trader or possess great trading skills to start using Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Bitcoin Lifestyle works automatically and requires the users to set the trading parameters and click on live trading.

The bot offers a complete guide to performing this.

To start using Bitcoin Lifestyle, you need to first register yourself with the robot by filling in your personal details.

Then you will need to verify your phone number and email address via an email or SMS sent to you.

You must then deposit the minimum amount of $250 to start trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. This amount is not the fee of the Bitcoin Lifestyle. It is your trading capital.

Once the deposit is made, you can immediately start live trading. It involves setting up the trading parameters and then clicking the live trading button.

Ensure to set the risk management aspects as well before starting to trade.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Software Trustworthy?

Yes, Bitcoin Lifestyle Software is completely trustworthy.

It is reported that the software can generate thousands of dollars every day with a minimum deposit amount.

It applies the best trading technologies in the world to scan the cryptocurrency market and execute winning trades.3

The profitability of the Bitcoin Lifestyle depends on many factors like the trading session, level of risks applied and invested capital.


No, Bitcoin Lifestyle doesn’t charge any cost or fee for registration. It earns its profit as commission from the registered brokers.
Bitcoin Lifestyle is completely safe and secure. It has data encryption features to keep the data of the traders secure. They have the policy to protect user’s data.
No, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not have a mobile app. Users can access it using a web or mobile browser easily.
You can use Bitcoin Lifestyle for free. Traders can also test it using a demo account. However, there is a cost that the linked brokers require, which is a minimum amount of $250.
Registered users can get assistance from Bitcoin Lifestyle’s customer services 24/7. You can either contact them via phone or email.